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What is Contensive?

Contensive is an open-source .NET library that creates a simple extensibility mechanism for online applications and websites on Amazon Web Services.

When a Contensive controller is initialized within an online application, it provides an API for resources like filesystem, cache, database, email , etc. that operate consistently for both a single server instance and for a scale-out multi-server application.

The goal for developers to easily create reusable objects for customers who need to start small, but when it's time to grow there is limited re-coding required.

For end users, there are documented add-ons for a dashboard/admin environment to search/edit/import/export all data and for both custom and included tools like ecommerce management, resource library, etc.

User documentation, developer documentation, the API, Git repository, and NuGet packages were created for our employees, clients, partners and friends. We thank everyone for contributions and now allow anyone to fork, clone and contribute directly.

How can I get help?


For developers, there is a basic introduction on the GitHub Wiki, a public API, and a work-in-progress documents section

Contensive Customers

Contact support@contensive.com. If you are interested in a person to help, please contact support@contensive.com for support agreement details.

Site Administrators Online Help

For support as a site manager on the administration site, editing records, managing people, email, etc, please take a look at user sections in our Wiki.


Contact support@contensive.com