A URL to a webserver that returns javascript. This URL will be added as the src attribute of a script tag, and placed in the content where this Add-on is inserted. This URL can be to any server-side program on any server, provided it returns javascript. For instance, if you have a script page that returns javascript,put the URL of that page here. The addon can be dropped on any page and will execute the script. Your script can be from any site. This technique is used in widgets and avoids the security issues with ajaxing from another site.

Namespace: Contensive.BaseClasses
Assembly: CPBase (in CPBase.dll)


Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public MustOverride ReadOnly Property Link As String
public abstract string Link { get; }
public abstract property string Link abstract  {
    String get();
/** property */
public string get_Link();
public function get Link() : String

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